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Dunstan Teo


Chief Executive Officer


Dunstan is a polymath that was self taught and later mentored in Economics, business strategies, game theories, sociology, behavioral psychology and social conditioning. He started mining Bitcoin 9 years ago as it was an interesting project to gamers and it became a gaming trading token. 4 years ago, he started to be involved in ICOs behind the scenes. Mentored crypto influencers. Involved in Sovereign level blockchain projects as a CTO (non dep, more like a bridge to call parts of the project). Currently the founder and CEO of Interstellar, which is the only official DEX on the apps store and the only official DEX and wallet for Stellar Lumens.

Rico Pang


Chief Financial Officer


Rico is an entrepreneur and investor who has spent 20 years of his career in supply chain management, corporate top management & IPO consultation.
Rico was previously the CEO of Mines 2 (KLSE Main Board: CHHB 5738) and presently the founder & CEO of Sanctum Pte. Ltd, a leading family office in the creation of wealth sovereignty.
Rico is also an active advocate in giving back to the society and he believes in turning ideas into profitable businesses.